To Listen to an Immanuel Worship Service

Click on the link to listen to the most recent service:
Often, but not always, the service is available shortly after the service has ended. If there are technical difficulties with the recording, the "Most Recent Service" may be older than the past Sunday. These files are unedited and may contain a few minutes of silence (or pre-service noise).

For other recent services go to the following link:;O=D
The files on this page are sorted according to date modified with most recent files on listed first. They are named according to the date of the service (YYYYMMDD...) Double click on the service and wait for up to a minute for the file to download and begin playing.

To download the service for listening at a later time, right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on the file you desire to download. Select Save Target As... and choose a location on your computer for the file to be saved to, i.e. your desktop or a particular folder of your choice. Select download. The file will then download to that location. It will take several minutes. You can then listen to it from that location using whatever program you normally use to play music files.

To listen to the service on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Open iTunes or whatever audio player you use and drag the audio file that you saved in the previous step into the main iTunes window or however you tell your audio player that you've added new audio content. Now you can create playlists and sync your device to include this file.

The permanent audio archive is at this link:
For older material only sermons were recorded and the file name begins with the speaker's last name. This older material is also indexed for podcast clients at this link: